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Happy Elements is committed to create better cultural entertainments, and convey happiness and joy to more people.

Founded in 2009 ,Happy Elements is a company concentrating on the development and operation of mobile online games, advertising platform, and the original IP, which includes the providing of original IP-based performances, music, animations, derivative products, and IP licensing services as well. With 500 staff at offices and research institutions located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, this Beijing-based company continues to attract outstanding talents all over the world. Devoted to conveying its products and happiness to every corner of the world, the company aims to “create better cultural entertainments, and convey happiness and joy to more people”.


Happy Elements was quietly established in Beijing. Several young men with strong social skills gathered together with a common dream and beautiful ideal: “developing a game that everyone can play”. After more than 80 days of hard but happy work in a tiny office, the first social fish game on Facebook, Happy Fish, was born. After it came online, Happy Fish was reaching nearly 2.4 million DAU in less than two months and becoming one of the Top 10 social games on Facebook in 2009 in terms of global daily active users.

When its second game, My Bar, came online on Japan’s social networking platform Mixi and reached the number two spot on that platform, Happy Elements decided to set up Happy Elements Company, Limited (“HEKK”) in Japan. It then proceeded to set up independent distribution and R&D teams in the country. In October, My Kingdom, Happy Elements’ construction game which simulates city operations, came online and performed well on all leading social game platforms, both at home and abroad.

Leveraging its keen insights into the mobile games industry, Happy Elements launched its first mobile game, Happy Fish iOS Edition, in the App Store in October 2011, after eight months of explorations and R&D development. Within one week, it became the most popular game in China and remained in the Top 20 in both Mainland China and Taiwan for 11 consecutive months.

In 2012, Happy Elements launched Rabbit Coming, Bubble Cat, Candy Cat and other products towards the large leisure game user base. Bubble Cat landed on Tencent’s Qzone, attracting four million active users each day, and remained the most popular game on the Tencent platform for six months. Meanwhile, Happy Elements also made attempts at mid hardcore games, including My Legend and Hero Wars.

Returning to its home market and shouldering the mission of developing one game that every Chinese person can play, Happy Elements adjusted its development strategies after eight months of meticulous refinement work. The web version of Anipop was released on Q-zone and QQ game. By the end of 2013, daily active users exceeded six million.

In China, the mobile version of Anipop was released online and became widely recommended. The iOS version broke into the best new games Top 3 within one day of release, and ranked first on iPad and among the Top 10 for iPhone in terms of downloads for an entire week.

After it went online in Japan, Merc Storia found its place in the Top 20 of the Popularity List and was named by Google Play as Japan’s Best Fantasy Game of 2014. Meanwhile, Happy Elements Asia Pacific (“HEAP”) was founded in Tokyo.

In June, Anipop became the highest grossing and most downloaded Android game in China, and became the second most downloaded app on the global iOS system.  Moreover, Happy Elements Shanghai team devoted their time and energy to mini-game development and successfully launched Hot Pot Master, Mr. Right and several other popular games, winning the recommendations of the App Store both at home and abroad. 

In Japan, Ensemble Starswas released online, rocketed onto the Top 10 chart of the Japanese Apple App Store. With recommendations from Google Play, it became one of the most popular mobile games for female players in Japan.

Happy Elements Beijing’s first 3D flight shooting game, Kamuy, was released online.Ensemble Stars! was named by FAMITSU magazine In Japan, as Winner of the New Outstanding Game of the Year and was named No. 1 in the most popular Apps of the Japanese App Store in October. By the end of 2016, Anipop has attracted over one hundred million monthly active users and was awarded the national game award by Southern Metropolis Daily’s New Generation’s Power List. With these achievements, without a doubt is the national game of China.

For the first time, Happy Elements launched the Anipop Club, the IP image of the cartoon, and started a national tour of the Club, with joint events in Beijing and Sapporo. Around Spring Festival, Happy Elements launched the Summer Pop, a sister game of Anipop. The game won the sole game recommendation in the App Store’s “Have a Great New Year” section, topping the Free Games Ranking List.










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The Youth Voice Visits Happy Elements to Unveil the Birthplace of Anipop

 Approaching Games, an interactive webcast program produced by the "Youth Voice Live Broadcast Hall" of the Center for Network Film and Television of the Communist Youth League was officially launched. In its first stop, the Program introduced Happy Elements, the company which developed Anipop and other well-known games. Featuring immersive experiences, the Program takes the young audience, through the lens of the host, to get an overview of Happy Elements in a comprehensive, 3D style, and to explore the birthplace of popular leisure games and the world of animation, cartoons and games at Happy Elements.


Founded in Beijing in 2009, Happy Elements Beijing’s core business is game R&D. It also develops and operates IP-related derivatives. Currently, the company employs nearly 600 people and owns Happy Fish, Anipop, Summer Pop, the cartoon image brand The Anipop Club, and many other popular products. Committed to its goal to “MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY!”, Happy Elements provides users with colorful interactive entertainment products designed for all.

ADD: Viva Plaza 21F, No.29 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
TEL: +86(10)52-817668

In 2013, Happy Elements Shanghai, the second game R&D studio of Happy Elements in China, was established. It is committed to delivering innovative, unique leisure gaming experience by engaging game talents in the Yangtze River Delta Region in actively exploring new directions and types of leisure games. Happy Elements Shanghai has developed several mini games that have won the recommendations of App Store and Google Play, including Mr. Right, the Number 282 Wandoujia Design Award-winner.

ADD: Floor 27, No. 288, Hongyi Plaza, Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

Established on September 23rd, 2020, Happy Elements’ Shenzhen Office. Shenzhen Office will assist the company in providing a better service to the clients and partners, as well as attracting more marvelous talents. In the future, Happy Elements will persist in creating high-quality products, and sending the real happiness and joy to every user!

Address: Room 15A, Block B, TCL Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen