The First Social Fish Game on Facebook

To grow along with other fish lovers in the world!

Happy Fish is Happy Elements’ first game, and the first social fish game on Facebook. Perhaps all of us once dreamed of owning a water tank of our own to raise several beautiful fish and watch them grow up day by day. Precisely out of such a dream, Happy Elements spent two months producing Happy Fish, which is still popular today, with more than 50 million players worldwide. With both pleasing aesthetics and interesting playing methods, the game has developed from the initial Facebook edition to the iOS and Android Mobile editions today, and from six fish in the beginning to more than 800 colorful fish and rare cute pets, giving you and fish lovers from around the world the opportunity to grow happily! 

The Birth of Fish

The game quickly received the approval and adoration of players worldwide. Although this is a fortunate occurrence, it also posed difficulties for game designers. How should they satisfy user tastes in different regions of the world? How should they make ever-refined water tanks for players? Racking their brains, the designers prepared dozens of drafts for each fish and put them online only after careful selections and revisions. Each lively fish in the water tank demonstrates the careful work and great dedication of the game developers.

Over 1000 Fish Varieties

The game features the simplest fish-raising and feeding at the very start. After eight years of continuous improvement, it has not only perfectly presented realistic fish to players but also creatively designed numerous dreamlike virtual fish for players to choose from. Among the unique fish of 12 constellations, whether it’s the intelligent Tarot fish, the mysterious little devil fish who only appears during the Hungry Ghost Festival, the glove-wearing snowflake fish, the extremely cute Alpaca fish, or any other virtual fish, you can surely find one that is specially designed for you.