Privacy Policy

Happy Elements respects users’ privacy.  When you use Happy Elements’ services, Happy Elements may collect and use your relevant information.  This Privacy Policy is provided to inform you how Happy Elements collects, uses, stores and shares such relevant information, and how you can visit, update, control and protect such information in the ways provided by Happy Elements when using the Happy Elements services.  This Privacy Policy is closely tied to Happy Elements’ services, so you are expected to read it carefully and, if needed, make choices that you think are proper under the instructions of this Privacy Policy.  Regarding the relevant technical terms contained in this Privacy Policy, for your better understanding, Happy Elements tries to explain them concisely and precisely, and provide a web-link for a further explanation. 


Whereas, Happy Elements’ related Happy Elements User Service Agreements have contained this Privacy Policy, so your consent and acceptance of Happy Elements User Service Agreements means that You have approved all Happy Elements’ collection, use, storage and sharing of your relevant information in the ways prescribed under this Privacy Policy.



Chapter I Information May Be Collected by Happy Elements


1.  When providing services, Happy Elements may collect, store and use the following relevant information.  If you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to register a Happy Elements account or use some services, OR some services would not be performed in the conditions as expected.


1.1.  Information Provided by You

(1)  Individual information you provide to Happy Elements when registering an account or using Happy Elements’ services, including but not limiting to: phone number, E-mail address or bank-card number.

(2)  Sharing information you provide to Happy Elements’ cooperators via Happy Elements services, and the information that is stored when you using Happy Elements services.

(3)  Information that you have provided to Happy Elements and then is shared by Happy Elements’ cooperators.

(4)  Information that you have provided to Happy Elements and then is provided by Happy Elements’ cooperators to Happy Elements when they use Happy Elements’ service


1.2.  Information that Happy Elements May Obtained from You


The Happy Elements may collect the following information when You use Happy Elements’ service:


(1)  Identify Information


When you register a Happy Elements account, use Happy Elements products or services, visit Happy Elements website, or take part in sales promotion and contest with prize, Happy Elements will collect your personal identify information.  In addition, Happy Elements will also collect your identify information provided by its cooperators.


When you register a Happy Elements account, Happy Elements will ask for your personal information, such as your name, E-mail address, birth date, gender, post-code, profession, industry and personal interest.  Happy Elements may identify your relevant information so long as you successfully register and log in the servers.


(2)  Cookies.  It refers to the technical information automatically collected by the system when you use Happy Elements’ services, including:


Devices or software information, such as the configuration information of your mobile device, website-browser, or other software you use to access Happy Elements’ services, your IP address, your mobile device’s version and device identification code.


Information you have searched or browsed when You use Happy Elements’ services, such as the inquiry term you have used, social media pages’ URL address you have visited, and other information and contents you have browsed or provided when using Happy Elements’ services.


The information of mobile applications (APP) or other software you have used, and the information regarding your previous use of these APPs and software.


The information regarding your use of Happy Elements services to communicate, such as the communication account you have used, time, data and duration of communications.



Chapter II How Happy Elements May Use the Information


2.1.  Happy Elements may use your information collected in the course of providing services to You to achieve the following purposes:


(1)  To provide services for you;


(2)  To use the information in identify authentication, customer service, security protection, fraud detection, filing and backing-up when providing services, and to ensure the security of products and services provided by Happy Elements;


(3)  To help Happy Elements design new services and to improve the present services;


(4)  To help Happy Element’s better understanding of how you access to and use Happy Elements’ services, in order to respond to your tailored needs, such as language setting, tailored assistance and instructions, or respond in other aspects to you and other users;


(5)  To provide advertisements more relevant to you instead of advertisements targeted the general public;


(6)  To evaluate the effect of advertisements and other sales promotions in Happy Elements’ services, and to help Happy Elements improve them; 


(7)  To authenticate software or manage its update;


(8)  To invite you to participate in surveys related to Happy Elements’ products and services.


2.2. To provide you with a better experience and improve service or other functionalities you have approved, in accordance with laws and regulations, Happy Elements may use information collected in a certain service to other Happy Elements services in the manner of gathered-up information or personalization.  For example, the information collected when you use one service may be used to supply particular contents in other services for you, or to present to you information which are not generally pushed but related to you.  You can also authorize Happy Elements to use the information supplied and stored in a certain service in other services, if such options are provided in that service. 



Chapter III How You Visit and Control Your Personal Information


Happy Elements will do everything possible to employ proper technical solutions to guarantee that you can visit, update and revise your registration information or other personal information provided when using Happy Elements’ services.  When you visit, update, revise and delete the above-mentioned information, Happy Elements may require you going through identify authentication to guarantee the account’s security.



Chapter IV Information Happy Elements May Share


4.1.  Without your authorization, Happy Element and its affiliated companies will not share your personal information to any third party, except for the following situations:


4.2.  Happy Elements and its affiliated companies may share your personal information to Happy Elements’ affiliated companies, cooperators and third-party service suppliers, contractors and agents (for example, the communication-service supplier which represent Happy Elements to send E-mails or push messages, map-service supplier which provides Happy Elements with data) for the following purposes:


(1)  To provide Happy Elements’ services for you;


(2)  To achieve those purposes described in the section of “How Happy Element May Use the Information”;


(3)  To perform Happy Elements’ obligations and exercise the rights provided in Happy Elements User Service Agreements or this Privacy Policy;


(4)  To understand, maintain, and improve Happy Elements’ services.


4.3.  If Happy Elements or its affiliate corporation shares your personal information to any above-mentioned third party, Happy Elements will endeavor to ensure that all these third-parties will be abided by this Privacy Policy and other confidential and security measures implemented by Happy Elements when using your personal information.


4.4.  With Happy Elements’ continuous development, it is possible that Happy Elements and its affiliated companies may conduct merger, acquisition, asset transfer or other similar transactions, and your personal information, may be transferred as a part of asset in these transactions.  The Happy Elements’ will inform you before such transfer.


4.5.  Happy Elements’ or its affiliated companies may retain, store or disclose your personal information for the following needs:


(1)  To comply with the applicable laws and regulations;


(2)  To comply with courts’ order or mandates in other legal proceedings;


(3)  To comply with the requirement of governmental institutions concerned;


(4)  Other reasonable and necessary ways of use to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, to maintain the public interest, or to protect the personal and property rights or other legal interests of Happy Elements, Happy Elements’ clients and its group company, or other users, employees.



Chapter V Information Security


Happy Elements would retain your personal information only for the purposes prescribed by this Privacy Policy and during the period prescribed by both this Privacy Policy and relevant laws and regulations.


Happy Elements will use all kinds of security technologies and programs (for example, encryption technology) to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized read or disclose of your personal information.  However, please understand that, because of technology’s limitation and various types of malicious attacks, in the Internet industry, even exhausting all security measures, 100% safety cannot be guaranteed all the time.  So, you need to know that the system and communication network you use to access Happy Elements’ services might experience abnormality because of factors beyond Happy Elements’ control.



Chapter VI Advertising Service


6.1.Happy Elements may use your relevant information to provide advertisements more relevant to you. 


6.2.Happy Elements may use your information, through Happy Elements’ services, E-mail or other ways to push marketing information to you, to provide or promote the following Happy Elements’ or third party’s products and services:


(1) Happy Elements’ products or services, and products or services of its affiliate companies and cooperators (all referred to as “Internet Service”);


(2) Products or services provided by third party supplier as well as those relevant to the following fields: food and catering, sports, music, movies, TV play, live performance and other kinds of art and entertainment, book, magazines and other periodicals, clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electrics, collection, housewares, electric appliance, home decoration and furnishing, pets, automobile, hotels, transportation and tourism, bank, insurance and other financial service, membership points and rewards plan, and other products or services which Happy Elements believes are relevant with you.


(3) If you do not want Happy Elements to use your personal information in the above-mentioned ways, you can require Happy Elements to cease the use of your personal information by following Happy Elements’ reminders in the advertisement or instructions provided in some particular services.



Chapter VII E-Mails And Messages Happy Elements May be Sent To You


7.1. E-mail and Message Push


When you use Happy Elements’ services, Happy Elements may use your information to send E-mails and news or push informs to your devices.  If you do not want these messages, you can unsubscribe them in your devices following Happy Elements’ instructions.


7.2. Notice Related to Services


When necessary (such as suspending a service for system maintenance), Happy Elements may send you notices related to the service.  These notices cannot be unsubscribed because they are related to services and are not promotional in nature.



Chapter VIII  Exceptions for the Application of Privacy Policy


8.1. Happy Elements services may contain or be linked to social media or other services provided by third parties (including websites).  For example: Happy Elements provides web-links through advertisements or Happy Elements’ other services for you to access to third party’s services or websites.


Such third party social media or services might be operated by third parties which are not affiliated to Happy Elements.  You are subject to third party’s terms of service and privacy policy (instead of Happy Elements’ Happy Elements User Service Agreements or this Privacy Policy) when using third party’s social media services or other kinds of service (including any personal information you provide to third parties), so you need read those terms carefully.  This Privacy Policy only applies to the relevant information collected by Happy Elements, but not information collected by third parties when they provide services for you.  In addition, Happy Elements will bear liabilities for any third party’s use of information you directly provided to such third party.  


8.2. This Privacy Policy also does not apply to the information collected by third party companies or institutions when they provide advertisement services in Happy Elements’ services.


Chapter IX Happy Elements Services that Minors Can Use


Minors under the age of eighteen are encouraged to use Happy Elements services under the instruction of parents or guardians.  Happy Elements suggest that minors should encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and that minors should ask for parents and guardians’ consent and instructions before submitting personal information.



Chapter X Scope of the Privacy Policy


10.1. All Happy Elements’ services are subject to this Privacy Policy except for a few particular services which are subject to special privacy policies.  Such special privacy policies applied to those particular services will explain how Happy Elements use your information in those services in a greater detail.  Such special privacy policies contain the contents of this Privacy Policy; however, the special privacies shall prevail if there is any difference between the special privacy policies and this Privacy Policy.


10.2. Except for being provided otherwise in this Privacy Policy, terms in this Privacy Policy have an identical meaning to corresponding terms defined in the Happy Elements User Service Agreements.



Chapter XI Amendment


11.1 Happy Elements may duly amend provisions of this Privacy Policy’s, such amendment constitutes a part of this Privacy Policy.  If your rights are substantially limited or weakened by this amendment, Happy Elements will publish a notice in a prominent position of the website homepage and send you an E-mail or use other ways to inform you before the effective date of the amendment.  Under such circumstances, your continuous use of Happy Elements’ services means that you accept to be bound by the amended Privacy Policy.



Chapter XII Complaints and Suggestions


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or suggestions when you use Happy Elements’ Services, or you believe that you are not protected by this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via the following ways, and Happy Elements will sincerely handle your complaints and suggestions.