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Paving Happiness through Charity

A World Such Multiplexity, Connect Us with Happiness.

Since its founding, Happy Elements has always been committed to “MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY!” The efforts made by Happy Elements are not only for providing players and users with services and products, but also for creating happiness for more people and bringing happiness to the whole world. Since a long time ago, Happy Elements has embarked upon its charity journey, supporting education, disaster-hit regions, and other social charity causes.


Dual Museums, Triple Experience

Our major products, "Anipop," "Ensemble Stars!!Music," and "Happy Fish" have partnered with the "National AAAAA Scientific Demonstration Base" at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the Shanghai Natural History Museum. Together, highlighting the rare species in the Giant Panda National Park as part of a national project, promoting awareness about China's key protected wildlife and exploring the mysteries of biodiversity through our "Gaming + Science Popularization" model. We also organized offline public welfare tours for player representatives and community members to visit the Giant Panda National Park in person. This initiative has reached over 1.1 billion participants, unlocked over 200 million pieces of rare scientific knowledge.

"Run Wild, Mustang!"

In October 2021, we collaborated with the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum to launch the "Run Wild, Mustang!" event. During the seven-day event, players unlocked nine major storylines about the history, characteristics, and habits of wild horses, aiding their journey back to their habitat. Concurrently, we initiated the #I Can Draw This# event on Weibo with renowned aesthetic design bloggers, merging public welfare and art using real images of wild horses. The event reached 98 million participants, helping the wild horses travel over 160 billion kilometers back to their reserves, culminating in the lifelong adoption of a Przewalski's horse named "Ben Ben" on behalf of all players.

Healthy Walking, Happy Living Initiative

In November 2020, we collaborated with People's Daily Health to introduce the "Healthy Walking, Happy Living" campaign during the "Internet + Healthy China" contest. The initiative merged health, gaming, and science to emphasize disease prevention and wellness in autumn and winter. It featured the "Health Step Challenge," engaging over 70 million participants who collectively recorded more than 400 billion steps in a week. Additionally, five creative videos highlighted diverse groups inspired by the challenge, promoting physical activity and public health awareness.

Space Debris Elimination Plan

In August 2019, guided by the National Space Administration’s Press and Publicity Center and in collaboration with the Tianyi Research Institute, launched the "Space Debris Elimination Plan". This significant public campaign engaged players across China in both online and offline activities. The campaign included innovative public welfare activities such as offline experience zones and WeChat mini-programs, achieving broad outreach. The campaign’s highlights included 8.56 million participations in a voice collection mini-program, over 11.07 million quiz participations within six days, and extensive distribution of 7.88 billion fuel cards and 45.67 million views of educational posters about space debris. 

Smiles Never Disappear

In May to July 2018, Happy Elements, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), initiated the #Smiles Never Disappear: Saving with Anipop to protect the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey. This charity event combined gaming with philanthropy, innovatively integrating knowledge about the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey into the game 'Anipop,' reaching hundreds of millions of people. Happy  Elements led game players, experts, scholars, and media to visit the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey habitat in Yunnan Nature Reserve, raising public awareness of conservation efforts. The campaign attracted over 259 million participants and garnered widespread attention.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Station

In 2017, with the support of Happy Elements, a photovoltaic power station project was successfully implemented at the Hope House Orphanage in Zhao xian. By installing a distributed solar photovoltaic power station on the roof of the orphanage and connecting it to the grid for electricity generation, not only were the electricity needs for the children's daily life, study, and heating addressed, but it also significantly reduced the operating costs of the orphanage and generated substantial income. This initiative ensures that the children's daily growth and life are filled with sunshine and hope.

Starts from the Fingertips

In July 2016, Happy Elements teamed up with the international charity organization WildAid to launch an eight day special charity event called on “Protecting Rhinoceroses and Elephants with Anipop”. During the event, game players and Charity Ambassador Jiang Jinfu interacted over 490 million times in the game and took part in nearly 250 million wildlife rescue missions, saving more than 12.5 billion elephants and rhinoceroses from crisis situations in the game, achieving unprecedented participation and communication intensity. 

School of Hope

In March of 2015, YouAi Love and Hope primary school in the Ebian County of Sichuan province was fully established and opened to students. Happy Elements supported the school project through UniFund, a non-profit organization established by GMGC.

Shoes for Children in Need

In March of 2014, Anipop and "Operations Blessings" cooperated to donate comfortable shoes to children in schools and orphanages in remote areas.

Firefly Dreams – Singing for Life

In October 2013, Firefly Dreams became China's first rare disease themed musical, with rare disease patients participating in production. Happy Elements used its game character "King Cat" to help sell tickets to this charity production, and the members of the “Helping Hands Club” helped to paint backdrops and posters.

Combating Hunger with Food Donations

In August of 2012, Happy Elements and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) carried out a "national anti-hunger action". In support of this action, Happy Elements collected donations of “gold ingots” from players of Happy Fish and awarded them with an "anti-hunger fish" in return. Ultimately, the program resulted in the provision of three hundred thousand nutritious meals for school children in Laos, helping them to escape hunger and focus on their studies, as well as encouraging parents to send their children to school.

Dedication to Safeguarding Children’s Smiles

From 2011, Happy Elements began to provide long-term support to the Home of Hope in the Zhao County of Hebei province. The company designed the orphanage’s website, decorated its facilities, donated a kitchen, sent books, furniture, appliances, and other gifts to the children, celebrated every holiday with them, and helped them re-establish confidence for life. On Children's Day 2014, everyone at Happy Elements joined in the production of the micro-film "a simple story of love" about the Home of Hope.