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A National Elimination Game

“National Game” by Southern Metropolis Daily’s 2016 New Generation’s Power List

As the cutest elimination game, it does not require Internet traffic, but requires players to save the mysterious village head by eliminating all sorts of obstacles and collecting golden bean pods throughout their way along the vines to the cloud.




The First Social Fish Game on Facebook

To grow along with other fish lovers in the world!

Regularly-updated special events, game items, and cute, charming, hilarious fish of all kinds are waiting for you.

A Monumental New-generation Elimination Game

The new favorite in the world of gaming, will certainly catch players’ attention!

In this game, players can dive, fish, catch dolls, conquer octopi, and make delicious fruit ice-cream!Featuring all-new playing methods and innovative animation techniques, Summer Pop invites you to enjoy a sunny holiday by the seashore!




Be With You and Brighten Your Everyday

Welcome to Anipop Club

Anipop Club celebrates friendships and unites everyone together......

An Unbelievably Healing Trip with Your Favorite Pets

Let us become friends and fight shoulder to shoulder!

The real-time linear strategic RPG game, which integrates card-playing education and horizontal action elements together, requires players to collect all kinds of magic creatures as their partners in gaming.

A Superb Entertainment Female-oriented Idol-training Game

Youth × Idol × College Students!

Set in“The Private Dream Academy", the mobile phone game features 30 high school male idols of different personalities in 8 groups, and they will sing a youth symphony with you!