Be With You and Brighten Your Everyday

Welcome to Anipop Club
Anipop Club celebrates friendships and unites everyone together,
Coffee Lot, reliable like a hero; does not sweet talk but always waits patiently, with his aromatic coffee. 
Lemon Remon, with his optimism and cheers; encourages everyone not to give up and to embrace lives by heart; 
Green Idol, attractive like Gary Stu, can be the perfect guardian of his loved ones;
Rosy Mona, every girl’s idol, is pretty, brave, and honest;
Purple Amy, a tarot expert, as well as a warm-hearted onlooker, supports her friends by giving wise advice at all times;
Blue Dudu, looks at you with his sparkling eyes and keeps you companied unconditionally.
Welcome to Anipop Club.