A Monumental New-generation Elimination Game

The new favorite in the world of gaming, will certainly catch players’ attention!
Summer Pop is a gigantic new-generation elimination leisure game that has been put online on various smart mobile platforms. As a sister game of the national elimination game Anipop Summer Pop is not merely an enhanced version of Anipop. Its emphasized rendition of the little creatures and the addition of pass animations have given the game a revolutionary change in terms of gaming experience. Inheriting the easy-to-use, relaxing, and fun playing methods of Anipop, Summer Pop has launched ten new types of passes, bringing its number of carefully designed passes to over 200 (which are still in continuous upgrading). Right after its launch, the game became a powerful tool for new-generation leisure and entertainment and a new favorite of the cool game circles. Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to put it down!

Vivid Interpretation, Immersive Experience

Summer Pop carries forward the cute little creature images in Anipop. The little creatures were redrawn and refined to present more robust and vivid personalities, and the game’s animation now includes richer and more magnificent visual effects. Led by the “captain”, players will immerse themselves in the newly launched seashore paradise and fully enjoy the freshness and happiness brought by Summer Pop. Players can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of blue sky and green sea, embrace the soft sea breeze, and stroll on the golden beach and experience the unique ways of leisure and entertainment brought by different little creatures on seashore holidays through unlocking the “Animation Mini-Theater” above each pass picture.

Bold Innovation, Great Sincerity

Summer Pop has launched six fresh playing methods, over 200 carefully designed passes, and a dozen novel and interesting continuously-updated pass obstacles. The seashore paradise story settings of the sea, the small island, the yacht, the holiday resort, and the amusement park, supported by “Match-Six Magic Birds”, “Matt’s Double Explosions”, and an all-new special effects experience, will let players have even more fun. The more unique claw machine playing method will also enable players to experience the true fun of online doll-catching with little creatures in the beach amusement park.