An Unbelievably Healing Trip with Your Favorite Pets

Let us become friends and fight shoulder to shoulder!
With the relaxing style of a light Japanese paperback novel, Merc Storia is a real-time linear strategy RPG which combines elements of both card and lateral movement fighting games, bringing players an all-new cute gaming experience. The game perfectly blends aesthetic and high-level artistic expressions and a simple-to-operate but highly tactical all-new playing method. Full of lovely styling with a Japanese 2D style, fresh and aesthetically pleasing gaming scenes, and rich career settings and characters, Merc Storia has been very well-received by players. Merc Storia received the Best Fantasy Strategy RPG of 2014 in Japan from Google Play.

Ultra-Authentic & Linear Strategy Game 

The game, which features lovely characters, simple operations, and a smooth playing experience, is nevertheless a robust linear strategy game! Mobilize your wisdom, train your partners, and start a magic journey. Through a morale-boosting retreat mode, it consistently maintains a high-level frontline. If you use a leash with the magic pets, and call upon the magic stone, you can also reverse the battle and forge ahead!

The Instant Rescue Function Helps You Go Through the “Extremely Difficult” Mode

The adventurous plot of Merc Storia boasts three modes: ordinary, difficult, and extremely difficult. As the ordinary mode requires flexible battling, one can imagine how challenging the extremely difficult mode would be. If you come across difficulties in a battle, you can use the log function of the game and ask for help from public members or friends in the same chat room. It is wonderful for players to find an endless number of rescuers when encountering difficulties!

 An unbelievably healing trip with your favorite pets

Players can build up its own team members and army through collecting treasures during the game. There are over 800 roles and special techniques for players to mix and match, letting users enjoy the 2D orientation RPG game.