A Superb Entertainment Female-oriented Idol-training Game

Youth × Idol × College Students!

Ensemble Stars ! is a pop idol training game designed for female players. With the Japanese novelist Akira as the game’s scriptwriter, it touches on topics including “youth, pop idols, and college students”. Users play as a student who transfers to a male pop singing training school and work to create the strongest idol team of 30 handsome male singers. These singers have different personalities and distinct characteristics and are sorted into eight groups with different performance styles. With so many options, everyone can find singers that move them. The game uses "Live2D" technology to make its gorgeous cast come to life on the screen.

A Paradise Full of Youthful Dreams

Ensemble Stars tells a story full of youth, vitality, and dreams. The heroine is the only transfer student and production major at the male pop idol training school, “The Private Dream Academy". She will work to create the strongest idol team she can with 30 of the school’s gorgeous students. During daily training to improve the singers’ ability, she learns more about their inner dreams and expectations.

Sunny and Aspirant Role Images

30 handsome students with distinctive styles represent a symbol of youth and dreams, with two teachers as representations of maturity and stabilization. Stories of the roles are conveyed through images and roles have a soul. To do this, we experimented with different clothing styles, expressions, and stories to flesh out characters backgrounds and ensure the quality of the final product.

Japanese Virtual Male Idol Group

Ensemble Stars! was awarded the New Outstanding Game of the Year Award by FAMITSU magazine. The virtual idol group in the game has also become an extremely influential cartoon image in Japan. Its cartoon serialization, novel, role combination CD, stage play, as well as role peripheral commercialization, LINE expressions & LINE change, joint actions with Animate Café, magazine and book releases and sales, joint actions with karaoke shops, and joint action with themed parks Sanrio Puroland and JOYPOLIS, have been warmly welcomed by female players in Japan. Starting from October 2017, a role-based 3D holographic concert entitled Ensemble Stars! DREAM LIVE will make its tour shows.