A National Elimination Game

“National Game” by Southern Metropolis Daily’s 2016 New Generation’s Power List
Anipop is an elimination game leisure game with both web and mobile editions. ANIPOP has beautiful visuals and though it is easy to play, it’s also full of surprises and challenges. In the game, there are eight modes and more than 1000 well-designed and continuously updated levels with cute animal images, making it suitable for players of all ages. In June 2015, Anipop became the Android champion in both income and downloads in the China region and ranked second on the Global iOS Download Ranking List. By the end of 2016, Anipop has attracted over one hundred million monthly active users and was awarded the national game award by Southern Metropolis Daily’s New Generation’s Power List. With these achievements, Anipop without a doubt is the national game of China.

Fresh and Lovely Artistic Style

Anipop has fresh and bright visuals, cute little animals, unique and interesting obstacles, and natural and clear interface designs making it a national favorite. In the early stages of its development, the small animal graphics alone went through more than 36 different versions. Attention to detail not only helped the development team to find suitable visual styles for all ages but also to create a first-rate game with millions of users.

Rich Playing Methods Delivered by Unlimited Creativity

Anipop has over 1,000 carefully designed passes in eight major categories. Based on traditional, the popular game also provide richer playing methods, such as bean pod collection, required eliminations, and pass-breaking within set time limits etc.,. Also, more than 50 novel and interesting obstacles not only add difficulty and challenge to the game, but also bring fun and surprise, giving players an interest in shouldering the challenges for greater sense of fulfillment. A dozen dazzling special effects, coupled with pleasant sound effects, offer players both visual and auditory enjoyment.

Emotional Bond  

Happy Elements not only expects Anipop to become a top-selling game, but also anticipates that it can bring greater happiness by strengthening interpersonal connections. Anipop makes a micro-film every year to help people express emotions and eliminate barriers, so that everyone has one more way to communicate. These micro movies resonated strongly with users, and led many children separated from their parents to download Anipop and teach their parents to play the game, so that they can progress through its levels together. These features help families to overcome physical distance, bringing them greater happiness.