The Youth Voice Visits Happy Elements to Unveil the Birthplace of Anipop

Happy Elements 2017-05-22

Approaching Games, an interactive webcast program produced by the "Youth Voice Live Broadcast Hall" of the Center for Network Film and Television of the Communist Youth League was officially launched. In its first stop, the Program introduced Happy Elements, the company which developed Anipop and other well-known games. Featuring immersive experiences, the Program takes the young audience, through the lens of the host, to get an overview of Happy Elements in a comprehensive, 3D style, and to explore the birthplace of popular leisure games and the world of animation, cartoons, and games at Happy Elements.

As a primary all-new interactive webcast program launched by the "Youth Voice Live Broadcast Hall" in 2017, Approaching Games aims to showcase the great styles of outstanding gaming companies, spread the idea of green and healthy games and establish a platform for youth to interact with gaming companies. It is worth mentioning that Happy Elements, as one of the first enterprises to take part in the live recording of Approaching Games, also for the first time took the live broadcast lens to its R&D Center at its Beijing Headquarters. The 1-hour live broadcasting provided college youth with an opportunity to know the gaming industry and products at a close range. The broadcast showcased the unique charms of Happy Elements which is devoted to creating happiness for others.

Click and watch the highlights of the live broadcasting:

"Wonderful Workplace of Others" --- Happy Elements’ all-new space makes its debut

Founded in 2009, Happy Elements is now a well-established company. Headquartered in Beijing, it has offices and R&D centers in Tokyo, Shanghai and Kyoto. Shooting for the program took place at its headquarters in Beijing. Upon entering the reception area, the host was instantly attracted by the luxurious green plants on the wall and the ubiquitous cute characters of the company’s games. Youth and dynamism were the first impressions that Happy Elements left on the young audience.

The company’s R&D center, which unveiled its all-new appearance early this year, presents a garden-like open-working environment. As an interactive entertainment company taking creativity and innovation as its foundation, Happy Elements has specially invited a well-known Dutch designer to design an all-new office area and create an innovative, diverse, highly-personalized work atmosphere.

Through the live broadcasting lens, viewers can see private space featuring a Mommy Room and traditional Chinese massage room; an ultra-long meeting room that can be flexibly partitioned, with sunlight from three sides; Communication Circles with a sound-muffling function; a Tree Table of a novel styling and other Happy Elements-specific areas, with creativity, surprise and a feeling of happiness radiating throughout. In addition, Happy Elements has also created an integrated entertainment and leisure area to enrich the after-work life of its employees. With well-equipped cool gym rooms and a spacious interactive multi-functional gaming area, the entire space facilitates events of a dozen employee clubs, including yoga, DIY, and board game clubs.

“Face to Face with the Happiness Maker”---the lovely people behind national popular games

Tasked to explore the stories behind game production, the live-broadcasting team followed the ambassador of Happy Elements to meet face to face with the Anipop project team to learn the production process of the national game Anipop and its sister game Seashore Anipop (formerly Anipop Seashore Holiday). From the image creation of small animals, to the debugging and testing of games, and then to the inspiration and ideas for pass design, the live-broadcasting team experienced the deep thought of the Anipop project team. The members of the Anipop Club also gave the live broadcasting team the real first-hand experience of the "ubiquitous companion" brand concept of the all-new IP.

In addition to the field of leisure games, Happy Elements has also performed outstandingly in 2D businesses, which can be attributed to the international vision that the company has adopted since the early days of its establishment. Happy Elements has set up independent R&D and operations teams in both Tokyo and Kyoto to fully integrate team strengths in China and Japan. When the live broadcasting team went to meet the team of Ensemble Stars, Happy Elements’ most representative 2D game, the latest peripheral products captured the great admiration of the young ladies in the visiting team. The colorful offline events to celebrate its anniversary will also be launched in May.

"University in the Company" – Inspiring creativity with happiness

Happy Elements always believes that a good company should first and foremost be a good university. In the current shooting, the Approaching Games program team encountered the "Happy Elements University" which was giving a lecture. Through this platform, Happy Elements hopes that it can bring together a group of outstanding people to do interesting and valuable things, brainstorm creative ideas, and stimulate the collective wisdom and emotional intelligence of their employees. For example, the recently organized HappyElements Lab Project featured free team formation to produce a product demo within 48 hours. There will also be practical events organized in collaboration with well-known universities. For example, a sponsor studio will kick off this summer by collaborating with the US Art Center and offering short-term training courses on industrial design to young people across China.

Committing itself to "Make the World Happy", Happy Elements hopes that it can infuse the "happy" gene into its employees as it grows and develops, and that in the Internet-based cultural and entertainment industry it can bring true happiness to all users through high-quality creative products.

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